Pet Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance For Found Pets

Your HomeAgain membership covers up to $500 in pet airfare when your dog or cat is found over 500 miles away.

Pet Recovery From Over 500 Miles Away

Lost pets can end up very far from home, and this happens more than you would think. Some lost cats and dogs have been recovered over a 1,000 miles away—safe, healthy, and missing their families! HomeAgain can make those long-distance reunions more feasible by helping you cover the pet travel fees necessary to fly your dog or cat back home.

Complete Pet Protection

Your HomeAgain membership offers complete pet protection for lost and found pets. When your lost cat or dog has traveled over 500 miles away, we will cover up to $500 to fly your pet home. From the moment we send out your Lost Pet Alert until your found pet arrives home, the safety of your cat or dog is our top priority.

Over Two Million Reunions & Counting

For some pet owners the wonderful news that their lost pet is found comes before the shock of learning that seeing them again can be very expensive. At HomeAgain, we want to make sure found pet news is good news by all accounts. We do everything we can to reach happy pet reunions and help ensure your reunion is an economical one.

So far, we've reunited over 2,000,000 pets with their owners, and we're committed to providing total pet recovery services to achieve 2,000,000 more. Your annual HomeAgain membership includes the found pet travel policy that helps make extraordinary long-distance reunions possible and keeps us heading toward our goal.

HomeAgain has reunited
over 2 million pets

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