24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

Emergency Medical
Hotline Available 24/7

Call our pet emergency hotline to speak with an ASPCA veterinarian anytime a medical emergency strikes, 24/7!

Assistance From Licensed Veterinarians

A pet emergency can strike outside of your primary veterinarian's office hours or far from home. Unless you are a trained professional, it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn't do to help your dog or cat. Your annual HomeAgain membership includes free, anytime telephone assistance provided by licensed ASPCA veterinarians-- a $75 value per call. Whenever disaster strikes, call 888-HomeAgain to reach our pet Emergency Medical Hotline and get potentially life-saving advice when you need it most.


Emergency Response Care

Your HomeAgain membership can help you provide emergency care when your beloved Cocker Spaniel has gobbled his way through a chocolate bar or when your sweet Siamese has tipped over the bathroom garbage and managed to eat some dental floss.

These situations, and others, are what our pet Emergency Medical Hotline is trained to manage. We'll coach you through the necessary pet emergency response protocol, so you can take the critical next steps to get your dog or cat out of potential life-threatening situation ASAP!

24/7 Pet Emergency Help

Part of being a dog or cat owner is knowing that sometimes disaster strikes, and part of the HomeAgain commitment to protect your cat or dog is being there with trained help when it does. Our pet emergency hotline is in place to manage difficult situations that come up when you least expect them.

Reach out to us when you need someone to help you respond to your pet's medical emergency. You'll find trained, caring, and devoted professionals ready with 24-hour pet emergency help.

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