HomeAgain® - Always looking out for your pet

Join HomeAgain's network of volunteer PetRescuers and help save lost pets.

Getting lost is the number one cause of death for pets in the US. You can help lost dogs and lost cats get home-getting involved is easy and makes a real difference.

An estimated 10 million pets get lost every year in the US. Only about 15% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats ever find their way home.

HomeAgain has reunited over 600,000 lost pets and their owners - our volunteer PetRescuer network is a big part of that.

When you become a HomeAgain PetRescuer, you join a network of animal lovers who help save lost pets.
Become a PetRescuer - it's easy to help lost cats and dogs:
  • Receive e-mail alerts about lost pets in your area.
  • Keep watch for lost pets.
  • Call HomeAgain (1-888-HOMEAGAIN) if you believe you have found a lost pet.
  • Recruit friends, family, and neighbors to become PetRescuers.
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