Many dogs enjoy a day at the beach just as much as we do – who wouldn't like running around outside in the fresh air with sand between their toes? But make sure you prepare before a day at the shore, so both you and your four‐legged beachcomber stay healthy and safe.

1. Learn the Rules Before Heading to the Beach

Not every beach is dog‐friendly, and even those that are may restrict doggie play time to specific hours and areas. Be sure to check online before you leave your home or keep an eye out for dog‐related signs if you're already there. Most dog‐friendly beaches have signs that notify pet parents this is a spot for the whole family! If your pup is allowed, be sure to follow any leash rules. Most dog‐friendly beaches allow your pet to run free but may ask that dogs be leashed during certain times of the day or high‐tide. When in doubt, it's best to ask around or read up before you go to see if your pup is allowed at a particular beach.

2. Pack a Doggy Beach Bag

Pets love joining in on all the fun during a beach day. But with high heat, they need to stay hydrated and have a shady place to relax out of the direct sun. Keep your pets safe and entertained by packing essential items like balls, frisbees, treats, water, a waterproof blanket for the sand, trash bags and any medication. Put everything in one waterproof beach bag so you and your furry friend can focus on enjoying your time together outside.

3. Keep an Eye On Your Furry Friend

It's always fun to watch our pets run around and enjoy the fresh air. But with all the commotion that a busy day at the beach can bring, your pals can easily get distracted by the water or run off with other pups. Never leave your pets unattended by the water, and for extra security, microchip and register them with HomeAgain®.

4. Know the Signs to Keep Your Pet Safe

With the sun shining bright, it's easy to miss the signs of heat stroke or dehydration. If you see your dog becoming lethargic, or if their nose and eyes look dry, they may be dehydrated. Always make sure you have fresh water for them to drink. Consider purchasing a retractable water bowl which can help keep their water sand‐free throughout the day. If your pet is starting to pant or salivate excessively, they may be experiencing signs of heat stroke. Try immersing them in cool water and then seek medical attention. If you're a HomeAgain premium member, you can call our 24/7 Medical Emergency Hotline staffed by licensed veterinarians who can walk you through ways to help your pet.

A day at the beach involves preparation for everyone. Keep these tips in mind so you and your dog can experience an unforgettable day and make memories that will last a lifetime.