Many pets – and people! – love the urban lifestyle. But sometimes, crowds and loud noises can be hard for pets who have anxiety or need more room to play. Read on for big city living tips and ways to become the best urban pet parent on the block.

Consider Getting a Smaller Dog

The size of a pet shouldn’t sway you from adopting a furry friend! However, keep in mind that some apartments and condo associations have size and breed limits. Additionally, some larger dogs need bigger living spaces for playtime, especially if there aren’t dog parks or beaches nearby for them to exert their energy. Before signing a new lease, make sure to check these requirements so your pup has enough room to explore.

Pay Mind to Temperament

If you live in a city and are adopting a dog, make sure their temperament is conducive to apartment living and have a plan if things go awry. Do they tend to bark when left alone? Consider doggy daycare on work days. Does your pup chew the sofa leg when you’re not home? Try crate training or giving them toys to keep them occupied. Interactive toys can also help keep your pet entertained all day long

Think About Your Puppy's Bathroom Needs

One of the most important city‐living rules is knowing how to best pick up after your dog. Since many city houses and apartments do not have private yards or spaces for your pet to run around, they are typically walked in public areas. Be sure to always have doggy bags with you when taking your pet out – many states have laws against not picking up after your pet1.

One benefit of living in a city is the plethora of doggy daycare and dog walking companies to choose from! Many city pups need outdoor time during the day but that can be difficult for working pet parents. Find a dog walker or doggy daycare facility to help give your pup the exercise and care they need while you’re away from home.

Explore the Dog Park Scene

Another benefit of city living is being able to visit dog parks. Your furry friend will love socializing with other dogs, plus it’s a great time for you to meet other pet parents in the area. If your pal loves spending time with other pups, you can also visit local dog meet‐ups or pet‐friendly bars.

Have Your Dog Leashed

Even if your furry friend is well trained, they can easily run off if a car horn or loud noise frightens them. Plus, many states have laws against this to help keep pets safe2. Keeping your dog on a leash will stop them from running into traffic or getting into an altercation with another dog. Leashing your dog is also good pet parent etiquette and is respectful to your neighbors.

Keep Your Pet Safe with Microchipping

While living in the city can be entertaining for your pet, it can also offer many ways for them to get lost. Make sure your city slicking pet is microchipped and registered with HomeAgain® and keep your membership up‐to‐date so you have peace of mind should your pet ever get lost in the concrete jungle.