There's nothing like having the windows down, sun shining and hitting the road with your best friend. But with good vacation times comes preparation for your trip. Make sure you and your furry friend are ready for a great time on the road with these simple trip tips.

Safety First!

Having your pal on a trip makes for an incredible experience, but with all the fun happening around you, it's easy to miss a hook on a leash or think it's safe to let your pet run around at a rest stop. Protect your pet by getting them microchipped and setting up a membership with HomeAgain® in case they go missing. Plus, if your furry friend gets lost 500 or more miles away from home, HomeAgain's travel assistance program will cover up to $500 in pet transportation to return them safely to you. We will also assist with creating lost pet posters that can help your pet get home.

Pack the Essentials

When packing for your trip, remember to include the necessary items for your fur baby to make sure they feel comfortable away from their home.

  • Water Bowl
  • Bottled Water
  • Your pet's regular food and treats
  • Updated tags, a collar and leash
  • All medical records and vaccination certificates
  • Any medications that they may need
  • Poop Bags/Puppy Training Pads or travel litter box
  • Favorite toys
  • Grooming supplies
  • A towel
  • A crate or travel carrier
  • Dog bed and/or blankets

Crate Away

When spending several hours in a small space, like a car, it's important to think about the safest way to transport your pet. Instead of letting your dog roam around the vehicle where they might get bumped or jerked around, have them securely kept in a crate. There are several great crate options on the market designed specifically for transporting dogs in cars. You can secure a crate to the back seat using the seatbelt or luggage straps. Or if Fido really likes to feel the wind in his hair, consider purchasing a pet harness that secures them like seatbelts do for people.

Practice Run

If your dog suffers from anxiety or isn't as comfortable with new surroundings, try a test run trip to check his temperament. If your trip is a day trip, take them in the car for fifteen minutes to see how they do. Then progress to half an hour before trying an hour or two car ride. These mini test runs may help you discover issues that you can address before hitting the road for vacation.

Keep your Schedule

Time flies when you're on the road, but your dog relies on having a consistent schedule. Although it's not likely you'll be able to keep the same routine as you would at home, the more consistent it is for your dog, the better. It's important to try to keep to their feeding, walking and rest stop schedule as similar as possible.

Have fun!

If you have some down time while on your road trip, it is always fun to explore the area and dog–friendly activities with your pal. Apps or websites like BringFido or Nylabone can help you plan time to stretch your legs and spend some quality time together outside of the car.