How Newville Animal Hospital Helped Cookie Return Home and the Role Her Microchip Played

Cookie was along for the ride on her pet parents' cross‐country road trip when she went missing hundreds of miles from home. Luckily, with the help of some friendly neighbors and the team at Newville Animal Hospital in Newville, Pennsylvania, Cookie was reunited with her family. But how exactly?

Cookie's Long Journey From Home

Mindy Beidel, practice manager, and her team at Newville Animal Hospital,were instrumental in Cookie's return home. When Cookie was brought in by members of the community, Mindy and her team immediately scanned her for a microchip.

Newville Animal Hospital knows the importance of microchipping pets – in fact, their motto is "microchipping means love comes home." Every new pet patient at Newville is scanned for a microchip. If the pet is not microchipped, the hospital shares important information about chipping and database registration with their pet parents – and most of the time, they choose to microchip on the spot. Like many clinics, they also send letters about microchipping to clients at home. This gives pet parents time to process the information and make an informed decision.

So, when Mindy and her team scanned Cookie's microchip, she was shocked to learn Cookie was registered to an address in Dallas, Texas! The team immediately called HomeAgain®, and Mindy was connected with Cookie's family over the phone. They were ecstatic to hear she had been found. Although her microchip was registered to a Texas address, it turned out Cookie had an even longer journey ahead of her – her pet parents had recently moved to Washington state!

Ready for Takeoff

Together with HomeAgain, Mindy and her team worked to certify Cookie with a clean bill of health – a necessity for her cross-country flights – and arranged her travel plans. Without a premium HomeAgain membership, Mindy realized how difficult and expensive Cookie's travel might have been for her family.

"HomeAgain makes pet reunions easy for everyone. They help coordinate all travel arrangements and work with clinics and families to ensure pets return home safely," she said in an interview.

For pet parents with a premium membership, HomeAgain will reimburse up to $500 in travel expenses if pets are found 500 or more miles from home, as well as assist with travel plans.

In the end, Newville Animal Hospital and HomeAgain's commitment paid off, and Cookie was reunited with her family at Seattle‐Tacoma International Airport.

Cookie is Home Again

Mindy believes stories like Cookie's encourage other pet parents to microchip their pets and urges them to think about their pet's safety.

"Cookie traveled across the country twice! Her HomeAgain microchip and premium membership played a tremendous role in ensuring she returned home safely," Mindy noted.

As for Cookie? She's settled into her new home and thrilled to be reunited with her family once again.