Being a pet parent in rural areas can mean lots of fresh air, land to run around and exercise for your pets. While there are many benefits to rural living, there are also some unique challenges for pet parents. Read on for tips on how to be the best pet parent in a rural environment.

Keep Breeds in Mind

Although many breeds are suitable for rural environments, larger dogs tend to appreciate living in a place where there is open space to run and play. If you have or are considering getting a larger dog, be sure to consider keeping an eye on them while they are exploring so they do not wander off. If you live on a farm, larger dogs such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs or Australian Shepherds are great breeds to help with herding or other farm tasks.

Let Your Pup Roam Free ‐ With Some Limits

Living in a smaller town or rural environment means you may have a large backyard. Take advantage of this open space and let your pet enjoy running around. An enclosed backyard or large acres of land are great places for your pup to play in a safe environment away from traffic.

Socialize Your Pet

While living in a smaller community, it can be hard for your pal to make friends or socialize with other pets. If your community has a dog park, make stopping by the park a part of your daily walk ‐ your pup will love running around with other furry friends they may not typically get to interact with. If you don't live near a dog park, don't fret! Many communities offer doggy day care where your fur baby can meet and play with other dogs in the community. Before visiting a doggy day care, be sure to have your pets protected against dog flu with an annual vaccination.

Keep Your Pets Safe

Living in a rural community can be a wonderful experience for you and your family, especially pets! But being surrounded by open land can make it easy for pets to run off if they find an open gate or a way off your property. Make sure you microchip and register your pets with HomeAgain® and keep your membership up-to-date so you have safeguards in place should your furry friend run off.